Final Presentation: Class Excerpts

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Bijan Haghnegahdar, Manuel Oh, Mike Piscitello

Jeffrey Kuruvilla, Douglas Leung, Mike Nesbit

Jason Tucker, Carmelia Chiang, Brian Pace (Page_1)

Happy Thanksgiving from Tokyo

We just had an amazing Thanksgiving lunch prepared by the cafe near school. They did an amazing job preparing a Thanksgiving themed meal for us, especially since they just learned about Thanksgiving a week ago. It was a much needed taste of home for the group.


We wish everyone back at home a happy Thanksgiving.


The Thieving Turnstile

A short video by Carmelia Chiang and Mike Nesbit

Two Week Travel Seminar – Seoul (1 of 11)

A collection of photos from Seoul during our two week travel seminar with Mayuko Imai.


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