In the beginning….

Day 1_

As a group we spent the day pounding the pavement of Tokyo. So many things to see. It was definitely a sensory overload. We started the day meeting at the base of the Capsule Tower. It was a shock to see the scale of it in comparison to the newer office buildings in the area, a building familiar to all architects run down and eclipsed by the new glossy face of Tokyo. We explored the blocks around the building starting with a two block area and worked our way out to Ginza and the local train station.

photo by Josh Smith

photo by Josh Smith

photo by Josh Smith

The neighborhoods around the Capsule tower are diverse in their programming, from Ginza which offers some of the most expensive food and shopping in the world, to the fish markets that offer any type of sea food imaginable. The area lends itself to an incredibly rich environment that we hope to get to know more about the next few weeks. Our semester is ramping up and everyone is excited to start our site research around the Capsule Tower. We will keep the blog updated as we progress through the next few weeks.


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