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Tokyo Game Show 2010!

On Saturday, September 18th, the Tokyo Game Show opened its doors to the public. Unlike E3, the Tokyo Game Show has four days of events. The first two days are industry only and the last two days are open to anyone and everyone that’s interested.

Lucky for us, we got time off over the weekend and were able to go down to the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex where the event was being held. From the central area where the majority of us live we left from the Otsuka Train Station via the JR Yamanote, transferring at Tokyo Station (an airport sized hub of a train station, gigantic is an understatement, it’s like a city in there) and jumping onto the JR Keiyo with the final stop at Kaihin-makuhari. That’s an 82 minute train ride through a very scenic route that was highly enjoyable and saved money at the same time by staying within the JR line and not having to leave any of the stations to transfer railway lines.

Tickets were cheap at 1,200 JPY at the door (approximately $14.06 US). We were greeted after buying our tickets with a map of how big the actual place was. Eight (huge) halls of pure game floor madness. We wandered around on the top level for a bit peeking in over the top of each hall (which was open to reentry only via previous handstamping) and down into the bright lights and shifty globs of people before figuring out how to get down to the real entrance below and outside.

Finally we found it. After our long trek from the hour and a half train commute followed by our mile trek to the convention center, there it was, a truly beautiful sight to behold, The Shining Golden Gate Entrance of Gaming Magnificence. After passing through the golden beauty, our first sights were that of sheer chaos via the copious amounts of people, crowded gaming booths with lines pouring out of them and into other booths into an elaborate tangled mess of organized madness, general game related festivities, and of course it all came complete with cosplay and anything and all things related to gaming media showcase heaven.

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The event held a wide variety of things to see and do, with not enough time to enjoy each and every one. A long but successful and engaging trip. A show that will forever remain another part of the fantastic whole that makes Japanese culture so unique and interesting to us all.

-Brian Pace

(All photos except those with photo credits mentioned are by Brian Pace.)

Threaded Shadows

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