Final Presentation: Class Excerpts

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Bijan Haghnegahdar, Manuel Oh, Mike Piscitello

Jeffrey Kuruvilla, Douglas Leung, Mike Nesbit

Jason Tucker, Carmelia Chiang, Brian Pace (Page_1)


Flyers for Tokyo Final!

Flyer designs by Carmelia Chiang

Link to maps of SCI-Arc Tokyo Final Review location:
Building 10:

Google Maps:,139.736961&sll=35.695356,139.737213&sspn=0.001353,0.00284&g=35.695598,139.736961&ie=UTF8&ll=35.695434,139.737141&spn=0.002705,0.005681&t=h&z=18&iwloc=A

Diagram Research

The following are diagrams generated prior to our midterm review, they are serving as a basis for our studio projects through the semester. We are focused generating a deep knowledge base from the large city scale down to the smaller block scale. This is allowing us to continually think critically about our design decisions and to know that our design propositions of a future Tokyo are grounded in reality.

Block Diagrams

District Diagrams

Ku Diagrams

City Diagrams

Site Research and Site Model Planning

Five scales of early city and site modeling and mapping.

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To (City)

To (City)

Ku (Ward)

Chome (District)

Ban (Block) View B

Ban (Block) View A

Go (Building)

Yunitto (Unit)

Yunitto (Unit)

Nakagin Capsule Tower

Film Excerpts

Wenders, Vin. Tokyo ‘Ga.’ 1985.

Oshii, Mamoru. Tokyo Scanner. 2003. (Part 1)
Oshii, Mamoru. Tokyo Scanner. 2003. (Part 2)

Iwai, Shunji. Swallowtail Butterfly (Yentown). 1996.

Oshii, Mamoru. Ghost in the Shell. 1995

Otomo, Katsuhiro. Akira. 1988.

Ozu, Yasujiro. Tokyo Story.1953.

Coppola, Sophia. Lost in Translation. 2003.

Anno, Hideaki. Neon Genesis Evangelion. 1995.
Neo Tokyo

Tarkovsky, Andrei. Solaris. 1972.
Shuto expressway

Kurosawa, Akira. Rashomon. 1950.
camera work, contrast

Resnais, Alain. L’Année dernière à Marienbad. 1961.
traveling camera

Reed, Carol. The Third Man. 1949.

Wells, Orson. Touch of Evil. 1958.

Pixar. Tokyo Mater. 2009.

Studio 4C. Honey Tokyo.

Takahashi, Nobuo. Musashino Plateau. 2007?.
computer generated landscape

Takeuchi, Yasuto (Dokugyunyu). Taking pictures in a park all day long.

Ichikawa, Kon. Tokyo Olympiad. 1965.
Japan’s high-growth period

Olympus. The PEN Story. 2009.

Riefenstahl, Leni. Olympia. 1938.
neo classic figure, camera work

Tokyo Life, Festivals, and Site Research

photo by Chloe Brunner

This weekend we all went out to explore the different wards of Tokyo. The city seems to turn into a different animal when the sun goes down and the neon lights illuminate the buildings. Its a sea of purple, yellow, red, green.

The neighborhood we are living in is quieter than the majority of places we have visited. The street are smaller, the people more polite. After a few days our neighbors are starting to recognize us and saying hello with a head nod in the mornings. It is a great place to wind down after the constant trips to Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Roppongi, and Harajuku our group has been taking.

photo by MCP

Saturday morning we woke up to the beat of drums and wandered out to explore. There was a procession followed by a festival. We are still trying to find out the name of the holiday/festival, but no luck so far. The food was amazing and the experience surreal. It seemed as though everyone in our neighborhood of Shinotsuka was out for the evening. There were street vendors selling toys for the children, fish and turtles in tanks, and local food. After winding through the maze of street vendors we found ourselves in front of a small temple. A line wound down the steps as people waited to pay their respects.

photo by Jason Tucker

photo by Jason Tucker

Today we are starting to get down and dirty with our site research. We were separated in groups to break down the To, the Ku, the Chome, the Ban, and the Go building. It should be a very busy week, our deadline is Friday the 17th. The work environment is much different here than being home at Sci_Arc. Our studios are open Mon-Fri 8 AM to 11PM. We are all learning to be more productive during this time and use the limited hours to crank out as much work as possible. We are off now to explore the site in more detail. Until next time…


In the beginning….

Day 1_

As a group we spent the day pounding the pavement of Tokyo. So many things to see. It was definitely a sensory overload. We started the day meeting at the base of the Capsule Tower. It was a shock to see the scale of it in comparison to the newer office buildings in the area, a building familiar to all architects run down and eclipsed by the new glossy face of Tokyo. We explored the blocks around the building starting with a two block area and worked our way out to Ginza and the local train station.

photo by Josh Smith

photo by Josh Smith

photo by Josh Smith

The neighborhoods around the Capsule tower are diverse in their programming, from Ginza which offers some of the most expensive food and shopping in the world, to the fish markets that offer any type of sea food imaginable. The area lends itself to an incredibly rich environment that we hope to get to know more about the next few weeks. Our semester is ramping up and everyone is excited to start our site research around the Capsule Tower. We will keep the blog updated as we progress through the next few weeks.